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Offering more than virtual assistance, we provide bespoke operational and admin solutions tailored to the unique needs of coaches.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by administrative tasks, struggling to keep up with the back-end of your coaching business, or finding it challenging to maintain a personal connection with your growing client base? The pressure can be exhausting!

Regardless of these hurdles, I want you to know that you’re not alone!

I specialise in providing personalised operational & admin support, digital engagement strategies, and client care solutions that directly address these challenges.

Say goodbye to the stress of juggling back-end tasks and instead focus on what truly lights you up —transforming! lives

Ready for your true potential and save precious time?


Get ready to rekindle your passion for coaching as I take care of the time-consuming admin load for you. Free your spirit and your schedule to focus on what truly lights you up—guiding and transforming lives.


Dive into your grand business visions with total freedom—no distractions, no hold-ups. It’s your time to make incredible progress and move full steam ahead!


Grow your business without losing that personal touch you’re known for. With my tailored client care, every client feels truly seen, heard, and cherished. Build more than a client list—create a thriving community bonded by real connections.

small business support australia

Choose your


Your behind-the-scenes partner in creating a thriving coaching business, focusing on efficiency and connection to bring your unique vision to life.

say goodbye to overwhelm

Here is your easy process for you from start to finish…



Schedule your discovery call and get ready to transform your business



Select a package that suits your coaching business perfectly.



Let’s get your business back on track & help your vision become reality!

Client Love Letters

I am thrilled by your creativity in design as well as the quality of the finished products. My business is growing and it’s great to know that I have someone in my corner that I can collaborate with to take care of things I don’t have time to or simply can’t.

– Astrid (Ryett Healthy Habits)

It was absolutely the right decision to delegate my frustrating, time wasting techy tasks to Simone so that I could stress less about my marketing. Simone is really easy to communicate with and understands what you want times 100! You get more than you anticipate! So grateful!

– Margie Hyde (Chaos To Karma)

I engaged Simone to create a landing page for a new program along with branding. Simone was great to work with, especially with my fairly vague instructions of ‘make me look good’! I am very happy with the results and look forward to working with Simone again in the future.

– Melissa Gijsbers (Joy Of Writing)

Meet Simone May

Hey there, I’m Simone, the heart & soul behind Simone May Digital! 

My mission is to streamline the path to success for coaches, through personalised operational support, digital engagement, and a dedication to genuine client care.

Why me? t’s simple. Your gift is guiding others through transformation, and mine? Making sure you have the time and peace of mind to do just that.

Your dream of a vibrant, thriving practice is just a conversation away—let’s make it happen, together

Ready to transform your online space so it resonates with your ideal client?

From initial brainstorming to the final launch, this planner is your roadmap to a website that not only looks stunning but resonates with your ideal clients. Click below to take the first step towards bringing your vision to life.

Let’s make your dream website a reality together!