Your Streamlined Client Onboarding System,

Ready to go!

Learn how to roll out the welcome mat for your clients, ensuring they feel seen, understood, and ready to engage from day one. 

Kick off each coaching journey with flawless organisation and heartfelt connection using our Client Onboarding Checklist. This isn’t just about streamlining processes—it’s about creating a transformative first impression that will lead to lasting coach-client relationships.

Deep down, you’re wanting:

🙌 A streamlined process that saves time and reduces stress

🙌 Make a great first impression that sets the tone for more meaningful interactions with your clients

🙌 Free up your valuable time to focus to focus on what really matters—helping people transform their lives

Are You Ready to Transform Your Onboarding Experience?


P.S. Because everyone loves to work uniquely, I’ve provided both a PDF version and an Asana template that you can import! Choose the format that best suits your style and start streamlining your onboarding process today.

Whether you love the traditional approach or thrive with tech, we’ve got you covered. Download the Client Onboarding Checklist in the format that best suits your style and needs:

  • PDF Version: Perfect for those who prefer a printable checklist that they can refer to anytime. Easy to download and ideal for keeping a physical copy on your desk.

  • Asana Template: Ideal for the tech-savvy coach who loves efficiency. Import this checklist directly into your Asana workspace to streamline your process and keep everything digital.